Seeing Pete Seeger at the New Orleans Jazz Fest 2009

The Original Coffee Pot

How many famous folk have you seen in your life time? It’s one thing when you pay your $ for a ticket and they perform on a stage that is many feet before you. It’s another to see them face to face in a normal environment.

How do you react?

Those that know us at Dr. Flower are aware that local music is a bit of a passion. There’s something about meeting up with starving artists and hearing good music at a reasonable price. Those are only a few of the reasons that local music appeals. Folk music in particular is a favorite. Eddie’s Attic has a couple of bar stools we’ve clocked a bit of time at. (side note: If you visit Atlanta, put a trip to Eddie’s on your itinerary, you’ll be glad you did.)

Anyhoo…traveling back to the point!  We have had opportunities to meet and greet with local artists pretty regularly. A huge star? Well, I can’t even really think of one!  So you imagine how you’ll react when you see someone famous.  Would you be screaming and fainting in the streets or calm, cool, collective? Most folk fall somewhere in between. I figured I’d be the calm, cool, collective chick when faced with a celebrity sighting.  HA!

I was snapping away pictures of the front of the Coffee Pot from which we had just had lunch when there was a sudden traffic jam 10 feet in front of us on the street.  Out of a convertible popped the driver basically waving the folks in the cars behind to wait.  Two seconds later he emerges from a door with a gentleman clad in a straw hat.  Once I got a good look at who it was, instead of remaining calm, cool, collective….I’m shouting at the TOP of my voice!

That’s Pete Seeger!!!

There were folks along the sidewalk that glanced at all the commotion and still didn’t get who he was.  There were 2 other people with cameras out snapping pictures.  And there was Pete Seeger sitting in the convertible waiting for the driver to make it to the drivers seat so that they could continue on in their travels.  He smiled at my announcement and dropped his head slightly.  He was very gracious to us and gave a final wave as the car moved down the french quarter street.  I did manage to snap this photo and I do have to tell you that it T-Totally made my day! He was scheduled to perform at the Jazz Festival the next day. He was the main act that I was interested in seeing of all the many artists scheduled.

On top of all that, they announced that it was his 90th birthday that next day at the Jazz Festival.  His eyes sparkled and his voice was full of humor as it always has been.  His grandson and other artists added to the experience with much honor to this folk music and environmental hero.  If you don’t know who Pete Seeger is really… click here for a start.

It was a wonderful experience to visit the city I was born in. More to come in the next days.

Pete Seeger Sighted in NOLA streets

Pete Seeger NOLA Jazz Fest 2009

Pete Seeger NOLA Jazz Fest 2009 - 2

Happy Washing!


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2 Responses to Seeing Pete Seeger at the New Orleans Jazz Fest 2009

  1. Carroll Stokes says:

    Hey Chick!

    That is cool stuff, I didn’t realize you were a CoonAss. I was just down in Venice, La. for an Offshore fishing expedition…good times.

    I just sent Dave a link to the Geoff Achison tour dates for May and June. Let’s go!

    Talk to you soon,


  2. Regina says:

    Ya Carroll…That’s Cajun princess to you! HA!

    As for seeing Geoff Achison, let’s go! 😀


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